Privacy Policy – Keeping You & Your Information Safe

How We at BTC Blackjack are Working to Ensure Your Safe Browsing Experience

How We at BTC Blackjack are Working to Ensure Your Safe Browsing Experience

The information on this page reflects the privacy measures we take at BTC Blackjack, and how they may impact our readers. (Hint: That’s you!) At BTC Blackjack, we take the privacy and security of our visitors very seriously. You can find out just how seriously by reading over the policy below.

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Your Safe Browsing Experience Explained

There are a lot of sections to this privacy policy. Please choose the section you want to read from the table below, or just keep scrolling to read it all.

  1. Who We Are
  3. Media
  4. Cookies
  5. Embedded Content
  6. Sharing of Data
  7. Data Retention
  8. Data Transmission
  9. Your Rights

Who we are

We are the makers of this website, and the creators of the content you’ll find within.

Our website (henceforth “the website”, “the site”, etc.) address is:

You can learn more about each of our writers, editors, and researchers here: About Us


As a visitor, should you decide to leave a comment on the site, we will collect the data from that comment. The data we collect will include the information you provide for display within your comment, such as a username or email address. We will also collect (but will not show) your IP address, as well as your browser user agent string. This is done to help us detect spam, so that our comments aren’t filling up with inappropriate links and nonsensical ramblings. All comments are subject to the approval of our editorial team prior to publication.

Please be aware that this website utilizes the Gravatar service. Gravatar may create a hash (anonymous string) from your email address to determine whether you also have a Gravatar account. If your email is associated with a Gravatar account, your Gravatar icon may be displayed within your comment, publicly visible to all who read it. Gravatar has its own privacy policy, which you can view here:


If for any reason (such as during the posting of a comment) you upload images to the website, we advise you do not upload any image (or other media file) that contains embedded location data (EXIF GPS). Anyone (with enough knowledge) who visits the website is able to download the file and extract the location data.


This website uses cookies. No, you cannot eat them. Cookies are files generated by the websites you visit. They are designed to enhance your browsing experience by collecting certain data. Cookies allow a website to retain your site preferences, display locally relevant content, and/or keep you logged in (if you have a login account). If you leave a comment on the website, the cookie will retain the information you provide so that you don’t have to input that info again should you choose to leave any additional comments.

Cookies will remain active for exactly one month from the time you visit the website and accept the Cookie notice. This notice will appear at the bottom of the screen, unless you already have an active cookie. Once that month is out, the cookie is deleted, and a new cookie notice will appear the next time you visit this website.

For more information on cookies, how they work, and why just about every website on the world wide web requires them, go here:

Embedded content from other websites

Some of the articles you find on this website may include embedded content, such as articles, images, videos, other media files, etc. When content is embedded from another website, it acts as if you, the visitor, are actually visiting the other website. Thus, the other website may store cookies, collect browsing data, or embed third-party tracking to monitor your interaction with the embedded content. We take no responsibility for data collection resulting from other websites.

Who we share your data with

No one! We will never give, sell, trade, or share the data we collect from or about our visitors with any third-party, for any reason. Our website admins are the only ones who will ever have access to it.

How long we retain your data

Any information we collect via cookies will stay in place for exactly one month. It will auto-delete after this time. If you leave a comment on the site, the comment, its metadata, and any information you share while filling out the comment, will remain indefinitely.

Where we send your data

The only time your data may be subject to transmission is if you post a comment. All comments are run through an automatic spam detection service.

What rights you have over your data

If you have posted a comment on the website, resulting in the indefinite collection and maintenance of data pertaining to you, it is your right to request to receive an export file of that personal data. You may also request that we erase any personal data in our possession. However, we may not be able to erase any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.