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BTC Blackjack Legal Stuff We Have to Say…

BTC Blackjack Legal Stuff We Have to Say...

BTCBlackjack.ca (henceforth “BTC Blackjack”, “the website”, “this website”, “our website”, “the/this/our site”) is what you might call a gambling website. However, we do not offer any form of gamlbing directly on the site. In fact, we don’t offer any actual services. Our website provides information, as well as links to additional information or other websites that offer actual services (gamlbing or otherwise).

All information on our website is intended for informational and educational purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information, although we do strive to provide accurate information to the absolute best of our ability. Our purpose in publishing content on BTC Blackjack is to provide our readers with knowledge that may help to improve performance when gambling.

Table of BTC Blackjack Legal Stuff

There’s a lot to cover regarding the terms and conditions of this website. We provide the table below so you that you may jump to any section you wish to read, rather than scrolling through it all.

The Basics

BTC Blackjack is a content-driven website. It provides information and advice, both factual and subjective. That information revolves around gambling and/or decentralized, cryptographic currency; more specifically, the act of gamlbing online with crypto currency, from Canada. Our editorial team is extremely well versed in the laws and customs of Canada, as well as the online gambling industry and crypto currency markets.

We go to great lengths to research everything we publish in an effort to present accurate, up to date content. However, technology and regulatory guidelines are constantly shifting. Therefore it is impossible to guarantee the accuracy and current nature of this content. We cannot and will not be held responsible for any misinformation on the website, accidental, by grammatical error, or otherwise.

Privacy Issues

BTC Blackjack is here to inform and educate our readers. We do not sell a product or a service. As a result, there are very few instances in which the website will request you provide any information. General visitors cannot register or open an account, therefore will never need a login or password to access the website. The only time you may be required to divulge any information is of you; a) fill out a contact form, or b) leave a comment on the site. In either case, you will need to supply a name and email address so that we know to whom and how to respond.

At no point will our website ever request further personal information, financial information, or any other sensitive information from you.

In all cases in which any information is shared by you with our website, we adhere to a strict privacy policy. You can view that here: Privacy Policy

Copyrights and Trademarks

Any and all material contained directly within the website was exclusively created for use on BTC Blackjack, or shared freely by public domain and/or other royalty free services. We take complete ownership of any original content on this site. The use our original content, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to take legal action against any person or entity that breaches this agreement without formal, written consent. this includes, but is not limited, to:

Written Content

BTC Blackjack employs a number of researchers, writers and editors. this team works extremely hard to ensure that our content is deeply researched, professionally written, and well presented. This content does not come cheap, and is provided 100% exclusively to BTCBlackjack.ca. Use or reproduction of the content on any other website or other public medium is strictly prohibited. This includes use of full content, rewrites, edits and partial usage.

We are happy to allow other websites to quote single sentences, providing that they link back to our website and attribute the ownership to us. But under no circumstances can anyone use more than 5% of a single article.


Most of the images on this website were created exclusively for BTC Blackjack. This includes the logos, templates and layouts. Our designers worked hard on these and we will not take the plagiarism of this content lightly. Under no circumstances can you use these images, whether they are reused in full or part. Any other images not exclusive to our website are available from public domain and/or royalty-free media services. We do not have or claim to have any copyright or ownership of such media.


The opinions stated on this website are our own, naturally arrived upon through extensive research and/or experience in the relative field. Our visitors are welcome to read these opinions, and to use them as the basis for arriving at their own opinions. However, under no circumstances shall you plagiarize our opinions. To copy and republish any opinionated content on this website will be viewed as direct copyright infringement, and will result in legal action.

Amendments to the Terms

We reserve the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions. We may do so at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. BTC Blackjack is not a membership or subscription oriented website. We are under no obligation to notify anyone of changes to these terms. However, in good conscience, we will establish and maintain a “last updated” time stamp at the top of this page each and every time it is updated.

Your continued use of BTC Blackjack following any amendment to the terms will constitute your automatic consent to the current terms of use. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, please close the website now.


This is an informative website that aims to provide viewers with information. Please be aware that some of this information is provided in regard to gambling. What you may or may not do with that information is your responsibility. We offer absolutely no promises or guarantees that any information on this website will lead to greater success or profitability in our visitors’ gamlbing endeavors. Furthermore, we take absolutely no responsibility or liability for the gambling activities, including any money or thing of value won or lost, by our visitors.

More over, this website provides information regarding decentralized cryptographic currency, (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.). Cryptocurrency is a tradable commodity available on a multitude of exchanges, some of which are named on this website. Such details are provided for informational purposes only, and should never be mistaken for investment advice.

BTC Blackjack was created to help our visitors make more educated decisions – not to make those decision for you. This website is intended for use by responsible individual who are of legal age to gamble and/or trade commodities in their jurisdiction of residence. For the most part, our website encompasses Canadian gamlbing and crypto currency laws. However, the laws differ from region to region, and in some cases, from one Canadian province to another. Therefore, you may find inaccuracies regarding the legalities of some services in your jurisdictions. All visitors are strongly encouraged to seek legal advice in their presiding jurisdiction before registering an account with any website recommended herein.


There is a degree of risk associated with all betting and commodity trading. We can not be held responsible for lost bets or investments, or any problems that may arise from t he use of any website or service named or linked form this website. If you have an issue with any other website or service, you’ll need to take that up with them.